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It's being republished!! 

Read The Fallen one, part one of the Sons of the Dark Mother saga, coming soon on Amazon!! 

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Raving review of The Fallen One!!

(Sons of the Dark Mother, Book One)

Lenore Wolfe

Due to be Published April 2015 by Triquetra Press Publications

An ancient race and a prophecy foretell of four dark princes, the sons of the dark mother, who will rise up with a nation of old vamps to stop the rogue factions from ruling over mankind. Justice is the first in that prophecy, from the ancient Jaguar People. He is the Prince of Fire. Jess is one of the three sisters of the Jaguar witches who must help him to stop these factions of rogue vamps--or none of their lives will ever be the same.

My rating: 4/5

Honestly, I didn't believe that I would love this book that much. A few months ago I won Dark Warrior: To Tame a Wild Hawk (Dark Cloth #1) and Doorway to the Triquetra (Children of Atlantis, Book One ) both written by Lenore Wolfe, but with my monster TBR pile and mega ''request review'' list, I wasn't able to read them... So when I start The Fallen one, I have noidea of the kind/style of writing, which paranormal creatures could be into this story, does Ms. Wolfe prefer male or female main character, what kind of action/plot I could read about, NOTHING!

I wasn't disappointed by this story, Oh no! If you're the kind of readers who love to be stuck it up into action non-stop, a mix of supernatural creatures with awesome powers, a background as good and well developed as Lord of the Ring (well, without the complexity of it!), you just find you're ''next to-be read'' book!

When I read the first few pages, we meet Justice, the male character and were not sure if he's a good guy or a bad guy. He's the typical, super handsome, muscular, too-good in combat/training and he just find he's totally awesome, beautiful, kick-ass mate Jes. Who doesn't want to do anything with him. Even if they are attracted to each other they soon realise they are fated mate. This part is of the story is not unusual to PNR. But the author is putting the emphasis on the ''war'' and the bad guy they will have to fight. When they meet each other: SPARKLES! Everything seems to start from this encounter and everything else is well integrated to give the reader what he want and need: a nice/good/interesting plot, a lot of action, well driven characters, important and stunning secrets are revealed... Wow, each chapter give you more information on this outstanding world created by this talented author: Lenore Wolfe. Such a great imagination/creativity, Ms. Wolfe knows how to please the readers with enough romance/action/suspense scenes! I don't know if it's just me and the fact that I'm so in love with vampires but all I can say is: I hope there will be a book about Dracon and Dana!!!!

This story is bigger than it appears! Jes and Justice have they little personal story and everything about the war, the legends and myths, discovery of family ties and secrets, the arrival of other factions of supernatural creature as vampires, shifters, witches, fae,... are embroidered around the main characters and everything seem to fit perfectly!

The only thing that bothers me a little was the fact that Jes and Justice didn't seems to have enough time together. Maybe I'm a freak of love/sex scenes, but it's cool to read about them. They spiced up everything :) But when we read this story, we all understand that the time/place wasn't the best at all!

I recommend this story for sure! You can easily buy it, The Fallen One due to be republished on Amazon kindle January 31, 2014 and if you don't have a Kindle, and it's always on Smashwords!

Go grab your copy this January!

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Interview of the Sisters of Three by Better Off Read Than Dead

{Character Interview} The Fallen One by Lenore Wolfe

Title: The Fallen One
Series: Sons of the Dark Mother
Author: Lenore Wolfe

BRTD: Hello, Sisters of Three! Good to have you with us today and thank you for agreeing to answer some of my questions. We know that you Sisters of Three have many things to do, so let’s get started.

BRTD: Who are the Sisters of Three, and who are the Jaguar People?
Mira:  The Jaguar People were one people of the 5 ancient races of people who brought the original races to Mother Earth many thousands of years ago, when they brought the original stones, and the stone that is the heart of Mother Earth. They also brought the original temples of the people. 

BRTD: We've heard that the three of you were split up during your childhood? How did that happen?
Dara: When we were very young, the vampires came and killed our nanny. We saw it happen. Our parents realized that we were not safe--that they would always come for us again, and again, until they had killed us—because of who we were to become. So they had us go with various family members—who were either human or working closely with humans—to disguise us.
BRTD: We understand that you ended up in foster care, Dara? How did this happen?
I ran away from the family I was placed with. They caught me—brought me back. A couple of times I even ended up in other placements for girls that were—out-of-hand. But I always ran again.
BRTD: Dara, you are a vampire, are you not? And yet, you are also one of the Jaguar People? How is that possible?
I was turned—by Constantine—only recently. And I have had to learn to deal with the hunger from that. But it was not as difficult for me—as it would be for you, human. I could all ready smell your blood—before I was turned.
BRTD: Y--ou, ummm.
Mira: Our people are not supposed to tap such power until we reach our majority, which is around 21 to 25-years-old, so that we can handle such power. The Jaguar People have extraordinary senses. Dara had learned to handle these senses—long before she had become a vampire.
I, on the other hand, forgot everything about my people. I was very young when I went to live with my aunt. So it was much more difficult for me—the first time I could hear the human heart—hear the blood pulsing through the human.
BRTD: That must be er—difficult. Jess, we understand that you lived as—human. Can you tell us a bit more about your world as one of the Jaguar People, the one we humans do not know anything about?
Jess: <laughing>Yes, I was raised with the humans. And yet, my parents were Jaguar. And I was able to visit my grandparents, so I never forgot who I was. There are worlds who live amongst the humans that the humans remain unaware of. We walk amongst you, work with you, and even try to guide you. But the humans cannot see us for who we really are. They see the Fae, but they see only what you wish to see.
BRTD: We understand that the three of you, the Sister of Three, have unusual powers? Can you tell us about these?
Dara: You mean—besides being a vampire—or one of the Jaguar People?
Mira: <clearing her throat> You have heard of such powers with the hit show, Charmed. But you do not understand the power of three. There are many legends about the power of three. There are the three fates, the father the son and the holy spirit, and the maiden, the mother, and the crone. But the power of three is the power of three times three. It is the power that is within each of us, magnified by our power brought together.
Jess: We were brought together to use our power to help the Princes fight to keep the Dark Cloth from ruling our Mother Earth. That must not happen. They have sought to rule since the fall of Atlantis. They manage to scatter the Alliance. But they could not destroy her. Always, the power of love has won out with the people. Many now know that greed cannot rule. Now is the time to fight—and to stop those who would use Mother Earth for their own gain—once and for all. We help the Princes fight to stop the forces of evil, who would use the humans like cattle, and force the rest of us into slavery.
BRTD: And that slavery would be brought by this--Constantine, right? What can you tell us about this Constantine--this ancient vamp who leads the rogue factions of vamps?
Dara: Constantine is an old battle vamp—and he loves war, but he is not the Dark Cloth. He has lived since before the humans knew anything about your bible. In fact, he originally commissioned the writings of your human bible. The Dark Cloth, the dark forces who hide behind your human governments, are the ones you need to be wary of. Yes, they seek to control Constantine. But Constantine only seeks only his own power. 
Jess: He is a force to be reckoned with—this is true. But the true evil—is the Dark Cloth—and the Dark Cloth has been pulling the strings behind the human governments for hundreds of years.
BRTD: Wow! Which brings us to your Prince of Fire. So, what are these Princes of the Four Directions?  And what is this Alliance?
Mira: The Alliance was put into place when the 5 races brought the original people to Mother Earth. The Dark Forces have been around almost as long. They have been around since some of the people decided that they wanted the power of the Heart of the Mother Earth all to themselves.  The Alliance was nearly destroyed with the fall of Atlantis. Atlantis fell because of the greed of the people. The Alliance was shattered and scattered to the corners of Mother Earth. But she has been rebuilt. Now these races work together to bring all of our people back into the unity that was lost. We only  have to wait for the human race to remember—and we will be as one again.
BRTD: Wow! And you remember your past lives—is that what I understand, Mira? You remember Atlantis? And your the men who have loved you—and followed you through all your lifetimes? How do they deal with having to share you?
Mira: We love each other very much. The four of them, and some others I have not come to know again in this lifetime, are immortal. They have followed me to help me to remember who I am—and to survive what I must do—in each lifetime.  
Love is a special thing—a very powerful thing. It has no place with human jealousies. That is one of the things that the humans must put aside, if they are to ever open their hearts. This human need to control one another has no place with love. Love is not jealous. Love knows no such darkness.

BRTD: I can see that. Okay, which brings us to your Prince of Fire. So, what are these Princes of the Four Directions?  And what is this Alliance?
Mira: The Prince of Fire has the power of fire–and is a shape-shifter. There is also the Prince of Air, the Prince of Water, and the Prince of Earth. 
Dara: The Princes of Mother Earth are now back together–and we are only now learning what that means.
BRTD: What is happening with the battle with Constantine? And what about this Dark Cloth?
Mira: We have been working hard to keep Constantine beat back. And for now, he will not cause more trouble. But we must keep it that way. The Dark Cloth is another matter. We, as the children of the earth, the Children of Atlantis, face a much bigger battle. Constantine is not the Dark Cloth. All of the children of Mother Earth are needed now, especially the humans and they must awaken! 
BRTD: How can I contact you if we are to awaken?
You can write to lenorewolfe@gmail.com. She will know how to contact us. But you have only to remember who you are—and to remember how to believe.

I would like to thank Mira, Dara, and Jess for stopping by Better Read Than Dead today. A huge thank you to Lenore Wolfe, Author ofThe Fallen One (Sons of the Dark Mother Series #1)

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Interview with Justice by Ritesh Kala!!

by Ritesh Kala
Justice was cloaked with Fae glamour at a young age to keep the world from knowing his secret. He is the Prince of Fire–one of the rare Starborne of the Jaguar People. When he and his sisters were very young, their parents became side-tracked, suddenly not paying the attention to their kids that they had been. But the kids didn’t learn why for many more years to come….
At 14, Justice is forced to shape-shift, much too young to handle such a power. After that, he becomes hunted–until he becomes the hunter.
They learn that the ancient vamp, Constantine, is the one hunting them. He wants control of all the humans think they control. He wants the humans period. And he wants the Jaguar People, the ancient vamps and Fae armies brought to his feet–to heed his rule. Most of all, he most certainly does NOT want to follow the laws of ancient vamps–the ones who were NOT turned–but learned how to live once more–through the intake of life giving blood.
Constantine has learned to rule through the fighting–and the winning–of many battles. He is a legend who believes he is not bound by ancient law.
Justice and Dracon, who is the Prince of Air, the Prince of Water and the Prince of Earth, as well as the Sisters of Three, and Justice’s own sisters–along with the Alliance and Fae armies–must fight Constantine and his rogue factions of vamps to save Mother Earth from the certain destruction of Constantine’s rule.
Ritesh: I thought it would be very cool to have Justice come over and chat with us. He was very nice and took some time out to come and talk!



Justice from The Fallen One
Ritesh: Hi Justice! Good to have you with us today and thank you for agreeing to answer some of my questions. We humans know very little about your people and any information you give us will be extremely helpful.  I will try to not keep you away for too long from your responsibilities. So, let’s get started.
Ritesh: I’ve always wanted to ask, who is a Starborne and what can you tell us about the Jaguar People?
Justice: The Starborne are 5 ancient races of people who brought the original races to Mother Earth many thousands of years ago, when they brought the original stones and the original temples of the people. The Jaguar People were one facet of these people.
In our people there exists a prophesy of one will be born, who will be the Prince of Fire, He will be of white hair and violet eyes, and he will remember the ancient teaching that were forgotten with the fall of Atlantis.
This prophesy also says that he will unite with the Prince of Air, The Prince of Water–and the Prince of Earth to save our Mother Earth from certain destruction, when the Dragon rises up to devour her. The factions of rouge vampires, who are led by Constantine, seek to rule our Mother. Should they succeed, our people would be laid at their feet, along with the Air People and the Water People. And the Earth People, who are brothers of the Fae, would be their slaves–but the humans would become as their cattle–as food–to supply their never-ending thirst for their life blood.
Ritesh: Can you tell us about your childhood? What is the most memorable memory you have?
Justice:  During my childhood, I was cloaked with glamour and made ready to rule. I and my sisters spent our childhoods being taught the ancient way. And we spent many hours in training for war.
But during any idle time, I would always try to be around Jes. If I were to recall a memory, it would be of her laughter as she played with my sisters on a swing set at a human playground.
She was the sweet sunshine of my youth.
Ritesh: How many siblings do you have? Who is your favourite among them?
I have three sisters: Jasmine, Mia and Ophelia. And I love the three of them with all my heart and being. But I was able to spend most of my time with Jasmine, when we spent many years at a time separated after our parents disappeared. So I am probably closest to her.
Ritesh: You were forced to shape-shift at a young age of 14. Can you tell us what happened? How did you handle it?
Many times we were met by human gangs on our way to school, and I was responsible for our younger sisters. I had beat them back, time after time. But they always came back for more. And on that day, they came back with too many for me to beat down. I was slipping into the world beyond–when I felt the change.
My people are not supposed to tap such power until we reach our majority. But I had tapped into my power by touching my death.
On that day, they met their own deaths–and I met the monster inside of me, who was capable of killing….
Ritesh: Can you tell us a bit more about your world, the one we humans do not really seem to know about? Also, can you tell us about all the various beings in this world?
There is a whole world amongst the humans, and yet, the humans remain unaware. We walk among you, work with you, and even try to guide you. But the children of the Earth, the ones who are human, and not Fae, must awaken soon–and take their place beside us–or all will be lost.
The others are the races of Her Waters, the races of Her Air, and the races of Her Fire. To find us–you need only to allow yourself to remember who you are.
Ritesh: You’ve had a tough life thus far. What can you tell us about Constantine and the ancient vamps?
Constantine is an old battle vamp–who loves war. He originally commissioned the writings of your human bible–but he was buried as a Pagan. Yet, many kept secret that he yet lived. The Dark Cloth, the dark forces that hide behind the human governments, seek to control Constantine. Yet, he remains a power unto himself. He seeks only his own power and his own gain. He lives–to find those who can challenge him in battle.
Constantine lives to have war. There is not a battle he does not know–or a strategy of war he has not used personally. He fights only to win. Ruling over humans, and the rest of us is merely a secondary treat for him.
Ritesh: I hear you’re the Prince of Fire. So, what does that mean? What powers do you have? Also, can you tell me about the other princes? How was the Alliance formed?
The Alliance has existed for as long as we have been on Mother Earth. So, too,  has–the Dark. The Alliance was shattered to the corners of Mother Earth by the fall of Atlantis. But slowly, she was rebuilt. Now the many races have been working to bring all of our people back together, and we await the human race.
I have the power of fire–and my shape-shifting abilities. But we have only just brought the Princes of Mother Earth back together–we are only just learning what that means–and what powers that will bring–so stay tuned human–you might learn something yet.
Ritesh: How is the battle progressing? Tell me the truth; do I have something I should be worried about?
We have been working hard, Constantine was only a small portion of what we face as the children of Mother Earth, the Children of Atlantis. Constantine is NOT the Dark Cloth. All of her children must awaken, now! We are at the cusp of a new millennia, but we must be diligent, or all really could be lost….
You have only to worry if your race remains asleep while we battle. There is much to do–talks of which the humans should be taking part. As long as you remain oblivious to the Dark Cloth, they keep you cloaked in your ignorance.
Ritesh: Finally, one last question. How can I contact you if I want more updates about the war and to find out if all of you are fine?
You can write to lenorewolfe@gmail.com. She will know how we are all doing. Or you can simply remember who you are, and you will know yourself.


Buy on Amazon January 31, 2014
An ancient race and a prophecy foretell of four dark princes, the sons of the dark mother, who will rise up with a nation of old vamps to stop the rogue factions from ruling over mankind.
Justice is the first in that prophecy, from the ancient Jaguar People. He is the Prince of Fire. Jess is one of the three sisters of the Jaguar witches who must help him to stop these factions of rogue vamps–or none of their lives will ever be the same.
To know more about the Fallen One, you can visit:
 or the Facebook Page. 


Lenore Wolfe grew up in Montana, and Alaska, and currently lives in central US. She holds a BA in Sociology, from the University of Northern Colorado, with a minor in writing, and she is student of the Shaman path.
Lenore writes dark fantasy, paranormal romance, fantasy, historical romance.
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